Sci-fi v Rudolfinu 7th Nov 2014

Oslava narozenin 19th Oct 2014

Gamecon 19th Jul 2014

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Zažít nudu, to vadí! 18th Jun 2014

Maturantka Roku 14th Jun 2014

Hollywood in Prague 9th Jun 2014

Komiksový Den 31st May 2014

Dětský den 29th May 2014

Star Wars koncert PFO 25th May 2014

Svět Knihy 17th May 2014

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Studentská noc 14th Jan 2014

Svět Knihy - 17th May 2014

Svět Knihy
Together with colleagues from Lion Base we gladly participated in the 20th International Book Fair and Literary Festival in Prague's exhibition grounds in Holešovice. We thank to Fantom Print publishing for the invitation and for the opportunity to launch their new anthology. We look forward to further cooperation.
Place of the event: Výstaviště Holešovice, Praha