Our organization focuses on authentic-looking costumes of imperial forces and their sympathizers. It includes all the imperial crew, bounty hunters, Sith Lords, stormtroopers, clonetroopers and denizens of the Empire, simply all the "bad guys" costumes.

The 501st Legion pays attention to high quality of the costumes. Costumes must comply with prescribed rules to the smallest detail. If the costume does not comply, it is not accepted until the deficiencies are corrected. We’re very proud of the high standard of our costumes. Each costume that you can find in our organization looks exactly like the one in the film, videogame or comicbook. Some requirements for accuracy of costume may seem crazy. For example, if you choose a costume character, such as Mara Jade, and you're blonde, you have to be prepared to wear a red-haired wig because Mary Jade has red hair. Without the wig or your natural or dyed red hair you will not be accepted into our ranks. Before embarking work on any costume, first read some advices from us here (note that we have lot of experiences with making of costumes).

First tip

See if your costume is acceptable for membership in the 501st Legion. Take a look to Costume Reference Library (CRL) which contains all approved costumes. Some costumes in the CRL already have written requirements that must be met for admission of the costume (information only in English).

Second tip

Register on our fóru, introduce yourself and feel free to write what costume you wish to have. Everyone will be happy to help you.

Third tip

Other important partners in making of your costume are detachments, which are devoted to specific types of costumes. There you will find useful advices for the production of costume, the information where you can get individual components, and many other interesting details. With detachment members you can consult your work on the costume and whether it meets the conditions for acceptance. If you become a member of the Czech Garrison, and thus a member of the 501st Legion, you are entitled to get membership in the detachment. The membership is not mandatory, but it’s very useful to get another opinion on you costume. Many members of the Czech Garrison are also members of various detachments.

List of detachments can be found at this link (information in English only).

Fourth tip

Our personnel officer from CzG, called GML (Garrison Membership Liaison) is the first person you should be consulting your costume with. Since GML is the person, who will evaluate whether your costume is ready for acceptance to the approval process of the 501st Legion, it's worth to turn to him/her.

These are the basic points we recommend you to follow. If you decide to become a member of the Czech Garrison, you will see that what now seems complicated and unattainable will clear up within a few days. Work on the costume is a long run, the costumes are expensive, but the result is always worth it. Sometimes people shake their heads over why we have such strict rules on the creation of costumes, but if we want to keep the authenticity of the costumes according to the movie, comicbook or computer characters, there’s no other way.