Thinking about inviting the Czech Garrison to your event?

There is nothing quite like a group of Stormtroopers to bring attention to an event. Unlike individual entertainers, the 501st Legion functions as a group creating a true science-fiction/fantasy ambience with a wide range of professional-grade costumes and props. Our internal standards ensure a high level of professionalism in both actions and appearance to ensure your event runs smoothly. Having participated at events throughout the world for nearly two decades, the 501st name alone has been known to boost attendance and media attention.

Good to know

  • The first important step is to read through these rules. They’re based on our international rules and as a subordinate unit of our parent organization we have to act according to them.
  • All applications will be treated individually and we always try to make a deal.
  • It is important to remember that some children may be afraid of our costumes. However, we have already had many events and we know how to behave in such situations.
  • If you’re planning an event with someone from the Czech Garrison, who is not the commander (CO) or events coordinator (GEC), please still contact them. Only they are officially authorized to organize events for the Czech Garrison.

The most common question you ask

Do you participate in birthday parties and other private events?

Yes and no. It mainly depends on the agreement between you and the main coordinator of events (GEC), who prepares and is responsible for the events of the Czech Garrison. If the event is consistent with the focus of Czech Garrison, there is a good chance that we will agree to participate. Contact us and we will discuss the matter with you further.

Contact Us

  • The first option is to use our Contacts section and turn for help to the officer, who is in charge of events (Garrison events coordinator - GEC).
  • Or use the contact form on the 501st Legion.

Addendum for corporate and promotional presentations

  • 501st Legion is fully volunteer organization. It focuses on the costume work at a professional level and is trying to get Star Wars into wider awareness. Last but not least, it is devoted to charitable activities at the local, national and global basis.
  • 501st Legion cannot guarantee that it will be able to deliver specific characters or required number of members on an event
  • All members of the 501st Legion use the brand and intellectual property of Lucasfilm Ltd. with permission. They have no interest in the intellectual property and cannot provide any rights over the property .
  • All members of the 501st Legion are committed to the highest standards of professional conduct.
  • Most members of the Legion are not members of any acting organization. Radical changes in the program, rehearsals during the day etc. represent an additional burden for members of the Legion. Legion members act voluntarily and cannot be required from them to participate in elaborate acts or to perform complicated choreography.

Requirements for corporate and promotional events

  • Corporate or promotional event is any event sponsored by corporate, advertising, promotional or marketing company in order to promote a product or promote the sale or publication of any type of media.
  • Please note that the Legion does not participate in political or protest rallies.
  • The product or event must usually have something to do with the Star Wars franchise and may be subject to permission of Lucasfilm Ltd. If the Legion have some doubts about the validity of the product or event, it reserves the right to contact Lucasfilm Ltd.


Rules of 501st Legion forbid us to accept payment for appearances. Instead of payment you can donate to charity in the name of the 501st Legion, which is in line with our mission to participate in charitable activities in conjunction with our costuming activities. The donation should be proportional to the desired number of costumed characters and the duration of the event.

Minimum requirements:

Members of the 501st Legion are volunteers and have the responsibilities of the "real life" , which means jobs and family. Radical changes in the program, rehearsals during the day etc. represent an additional burden for members of the Legion.

Limitations associated with our costumes require the following:

  • at least two weeks advance to schedule events, but preferably 30 days
  • event organizer and Garrison‘s coordinator provides a specific "contact point " for the mutual exchange of information
  • regular breaks in shaded or otherwise refrigerated areas (depending on the character’s costume every 30 minutes to 2 hours)
  • provision of drinking water or other beverages
  • access to toilets
  • access to the changing room that is clean, well lit and publicly inaccessible
  • free parking or paid by organizer, that is close to where the event takes place ( less than 5 minutes )
  • the environment in which our members will perform or socialize with the public must be safe and well -maintained and illuminated
  • presence of helpers from our own group - the cadets who assist our members
  • it is up to the organizer not up to members of the Legion to ensure safety and be responsible for the event
  • we are not able to participate in elaborate acts or to perform complicated choreography. Scenario for performance should be compiled with regard to these limitations

Legion auxiliary staff

Many of the costumes have a limited field of view and freedom of movement. It is therefore normal that the members of the Legion use help of support staff (the "helpers") . Helpers assist performers in costumes to dress up before the event and members use them as their eyes and ears. Our helpers are usually other members of the Legion, family members or potential new members who are working towards membership in the Legion.

Although helpers are here for our safety and comfort, safety on the event is responsibility of the organizer.


The organizer is responsible for reporting and coordinating an event with the administration, security guards and the owner of the place.

Keep in mind that some commercial or public spaces (eg stores) rules or local jurisdictions prohibit the wearing of masks or replica weapons in public. It is necessary to clarify these conditions related to masks and replica weapons at least a week before the event.

Organizer agrees to allow full access to the place of performance and the preparatory room to Legion members acting in their costumes and their helpers at least one hour before the event. This limit can be adjusted depending on the extent and severity of the event and the agreement between the sponsor and coordinator of the event.

Autographs and photos:

Legion members are often asked for autographs. It is the principle of the Legion to comply to these requests. Members usually sign in a manner consistent with the characters they represent; eg TK- # # # # with stormtroopers or SL - # # # # with Darth Vader. We cannot and will not require the purchase of any item for providing autographs. Items such as books and souvenirs can be accessed on the site for sale, but the organizer must agree that it will not require the purchase of any item or coupon to signs autographs.

Travel expenses:

If it is necessary to travel a distance longer than 50km, the Legion may demand compensation for travel expenses from the organizer. Compensation may include fuel, food or/and accommodation. The organizer can provide transportation, food and accommodation by himself if he chooses so.

We need:

  • clean and lockable changing room
  • access to toilets
  • drinking water (bottled)
  • food and snacks, if the event will take longer than four hours

We welcome:

  • meal or snack, if the event will take longer than two hours
  • tickets for the event (for music, theater or film events)
  • access to non-public toilets
  • chairs/bar stools

Generally just one table with chairs is enough. Due to limited mobility, most members in armors cannot sit down. Bar stools - if available - are ideal for stormtroopers to sit.