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Gamecon 19th Jul 2014

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Star Wars koncert PFO 25th May 2014

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Gamecon - 19th Jul 2014

On Saturday, July 19, CzG and the Rebel Legion visited GameCon in Pardubice. The event was aimed at non-PC games of all kinds. You could have met us in the big open play room and it certainly isn't a surprise that we devoted our time to Star Wars themed game - X-Wing miniatures. All the guests could have seen the characters of Star Wars playing with models of ships such as X-wing and Tie fighter. And how did the battle ended? Darth Vader along with two of his loyal pilots did not allow the Death Star to be destroyed this time, and Luke Skywalker with his faithful friend Biggs Darklighter were shot down from the sky.
Place of the event: Pardubice