CzG ve Studiu 6 14th Dec 2017

Star Wars koncert PFO 9th Dec 2017

Koprcon 24th-26th Nov 2017

Vienna Comic Con 18th-19th Nov 2017

Narozeniny chlapce 11th Nov 2017

For Toys 21st Oct 2017

Ladronkafest 9th Sep 2017

Open Door Hospital Fest 26th Aug 2017

Future Night - Valerian 19th Jul 2017

Festival Fantazie 7th-8th Jul 2017

Návštěva FN Plzeň 13th Jun 2017

Prater Vídeň 10th Jun 2017

Focení ForMen 30th May 2017

Koncert PFO Praha 21st May 2017

Bambule 40 let Star Wars 13th May 2017

Svět Knihy 11th-14th May 2017

Star Wars Den 6th May 2017

ABC photoshoot 2nd May 2017

Koncert PFO Brno 29th Apr 2017

For Kids 8th Apr 2017

Kosmická Móda 2nd Apr 2017

StarCon 31st Mar-2nd Apr 2017

Ples Beroun 18th Mar 2017

Future Gate 2017 23rd-26th Feb 2017

PragoFFest 2017 4th Feb 2017

Star Wars Den - 6th May 2017

Star Wars Den
This year's Star Wars Day (third in a row) took place on May 6th. This one-of-a-kind event started with the usual March of Costumes through (part of) Prague, then continued in Cross Club with various workshops for kids, shooting contest, presentations, a room full o Lego and even more activites for youngs and grown-ups. We hope that those of you who were there had great fun, and that we'll see you around at the same event next year as well. And we'd also like to thank the Rebel Legion's Lion Base - we couldn't have done this without you!
Place of the event: Cross Club