NASCAR Hockenheimring 21st-22nd Sep 2019

Svatba ve Švabenicích 21st Sep 2019

Ladronkafest 14th Sep 2019

Open Air Concert PFO 7th Sep 2019

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Ladronkafest - 14th Sep 2019

On September 14th, we took LadronkaFest in a full swing! You could take pictures with our members in various costumes, try out our helmets or inspect the imperial cannon and other arsenal. Moreover, our Battle Droid was ready for pictures as well and there were plaster casts of Mandalorian helmets waiting to be painted. Needless to say, we also took part in a couple of new activities for us - like American football, pole dancing or a ball game called "Omnikin!" And believe us, these sports are taken to a whole new level when done in full costumes!
Place of the event: Park Ladronka