Photoshoot Jeníkovice 2 18th Oct 2020

Sandtrooper meeting v Polsku 4th-6th Sep 2020

Fest Na Tahu 29th-30th Aug 2020

Photoshoot Jeníkovice 1 22nd Aug 2020

Photoshoot Praha 8th Aug 2020

Svatba na Slovensku 22nd Feb 2020

Comic-Con Prague 7th-9th Feb 2020

Future Gate 29th Jan-2nd Feb 2020

Návštěva domova dětí a mládeže - 7th Mar 2020

Návštěva domova dětí a mládeže
Our members went to a Kids Day festival to make it more entertaining for children. Attendees could meet us patrolling around the area, or they could take photos with us at the photoshoot corner.
Place of the event: Praha 7 - Holešovice