Photoshoot Jeníkovice 2 18th Oct 2020

Sandtrooper meeting v Polsku 4th-6th Sep 2020

Fest Na Tahu 29th-30th Aug 2020

Photoshoot Jeníkovice 1 22nd Aug 2020

Photoshoot Praha 8th Aug 2020

Svatba na Slovensku 22nd Feb 2020

Comic-Con Prague 7th-9th Feb 2020

Future Gate 29th Jan-2nd Feb 2020

40. Let Epizody 5 v Cinema City - 23rd Jul 2020

40. Let Epizody 5 v Cinema City
To celebrate the 40h anniversary of Star Wars Episode V premiere, select Czech theatres put the movie on the show with no Czech subtitles or other form of translation - an opportunity that the Czech Garrison and the Lion Base couldn't miss.
Place of the event: Cinema City Chodov